A Beer Garden Encounter by Graham Crisp

The Lamb and Flag’s beer garden was alive with people enjoying a summer evening drink. 

Two young men sat opposite each other deep in conversation. “So, you’re in the money now, eh, Eitan?” Adam’s mouth was moving, but his eyes were firmly focussed on two smartly-dressed women seated at an adjacent table. Adam quickly assessed that they were probably in their early thirties. 

Eitan beamed at Adam. “Oi, you! Either eye them up or talk to me, you can’t do both.” Adam raised his eyebrows and immediately turned towards Eitan, apologising. “Sorry mate, but this weather brings out the best, if you get me.” 

Adam turned towards his companion and gave him a conspiratorial wink. “Anyway, go on, how come you’re so flush, what’s your secret?” Eitan took a large swig of beer and replied, “Business is booming. I’ve won a three-year contract to draw up an environmental scheme for that new rail project. They pay top dollar, no quibble and bang on the nail. How’s tricks with you?” 

Adam whistled long and loudly, the two women glanced across, Adam smiled back at them. They instantly turned away and resumed their conversation. 

Adam took a short sip. “Same, mate, I’m down on the Everglades estate, there’s shed loads of work.” He leaned forward, his eyes flicked towards the women, and whispered. “We’re in here.” 

Eitan nodded, “Bring it on!” 

The two friends straightened up and clinked glasses. The women looked across a second time. Eitan and Adam both smiled back. Adam cheerily called over, “Come and join us, we’re harmless, well at least I am. I can’t vouch for this young high-flying entrepreneur here.” He flicked a thumb towards Eitan. 

The women looked up. Their eyes met. In unison, they picked up their drinks and walked over to where Adam and Eitan sat.

Published in Issue #14

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