A Blast from the Past by Sheena Billett

‘That’s where I know him from.’ 

Emma stood up, the chair crashing to the ground behind her. 

‘Emma, wait…’ said Lorna. 

She strode over to the group of men grouped around a table on the other side of the pub. They carried on laughing and joking, not noticing Emma’s angry approach. 

‘You!’ Emma jabbed at him with her finger and the tall, powerfully built man turned in annoyance. 

‘What the…?’ 

‘I know you, you bastard!’ 

By now some of his group were on their feet. ‘Now come on, lady. What’s your problem?’ ‘Who the hell are you?’ the target of Emma’s outrage replied not bothering to get up. 

‘You don’t even remember me, Tim, do you? Well I’m not the push-over I was back then, so maybe you need reminding of what you did to me.’ 

Tim gestured to his friends that this was some mad woman, and not to be taken seriously. 

‘Okay, so your memory is so short that you don’t remember raping me when we were at school. Or maybe you’ve done it so many times that I didn’t even register.’ 

There were gasps of shock and a few dismissive laughs as the encounter grabbed everyone’s attention. 

‘What the hell are you going on about? Wishful thinking, I reckon!’ he smirked. 

Emma stood tall and addressed the group. ‘This man raped me when I was fourteen, on school premises, during a lunch break. I was so ashamed, I didn’t tell anyone. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t his only victim.’ 

Tim’s friends looked at him with uncertainty, although one or two still seemed to think it was great entertainment. 

‘No, you weren’t.’ A voice behind Emma spoke clearly and decisively. ‘He did it to me too.’ Emma turned and locked eyes with her sister.

Published in Issue #14

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