A Chance by Liz Breen

Rebecca wasn’t sure whether to take a sip of water. The tickle in her throat might pass, and she didn’t feel comfortable in the room. She felt self conscious and worried that she’d say something that might come out wrong. Phil looked at their counsellor, Trisha, waiting for her to speak. “I thought it good to just sit a few moments and let things settle” Trisha opened with. Nobody said anything until Rebecca raised her hand. 

“You’re not in school, Rebecca. What did you want to say?” 

“Well, it’s just that we often ignore the important conversations. The difficult stuff is what we don’t share” Rebecca managed to say. 

Phil picked up his glass and took a large gulp of water. 

“I have tried to speak to you. You clam up and change the subject. I can’t ask you anything without you leaving a room. That’s why we’re here” Phil locked eyes with Trisha avoiding looking at Rebecca. 

Trisha saw sadness smothering her clients, she wanted to help them both breathe. “What is the one question you need to ask one another in a safe space?” Trisha asked. Rebecca said she’d answer first and played with her hair a moment before speaking. “My question is, why does it matter?…I mean, I’m certain and my word should be enough” Trisha nodded at Phil to encourage his contribution. 

“I want to know the truth about what has happened. I’d rather know. Should I be concerned?” Rebecca turned to face Phil, moving her chair slightly. Her eyes were watering, tears were coming. 

“You have nothing to worry about. I made a mistake but that’s in the past and we have a chance of a future together” 

Rebecca took Phil’s hand and placed it on her small bump. 

“I know this is yours.” 

Published in Issue #9

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