An Easy Mistake by Rachel Smith

A decorative bowl boasted brightly coloured oranges, apples and bananas. That gave me pause. Even I knew bananas shouldn’t touch the other fruit but I wasn’t going to say anything. I wasn’t stupid. 

“Do you want something to drink? Diet coke? Lemonade?” Alisa called from the other room. “Lemonade please! Thanks!” 

I cringed at myself. That wasn’t nonchalant. Think! What would a confident boy do? I shrugged off my school bag and flung it onto the smooth, creamy leather sofa. That was better but she hadn’t seen that. I grabbed a vibrant green apple and looked again at the grand and spacious room. 

A large, tan animal skin rug dominated the centre whilst the periphery was inhabited by fancy armchairs and looming bookcases. 

They even had a real fireplace. 

My eyes paused warily on a large shotgun resting above the hearth. Alisa’s father was a cop. What would he think of me being here with his daughter? 

“It’s not real.” 

I shrugged as if I saw guns all the time. I didn’t believe her. It looked real to me and it wasn’t displayed in an awkward, hard to reach place either. 

Alisa was giving me a curious look so I shot her my most disarming smile. She was still gazing at me with those large, mysterious dark eyes and I bravely held that gaze as I bit into the apple. It was strange, rough and spongy. My heart stopped. Oh God no. It wasn’t real. The apple wasn’t real. 

Desperate ideas swarmed my mind. Do I drop the apple and run? Do I try to actually eat it? None of which appealed. 

Alisa’s puzzled expression twitched into one of amusement and in one moment that I will never forget we burst into wild, uncontrollable laughter.

Published in Issue #8

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