And Chaos Ensued by Hilary Taylor

She sat back in the cheap plastic cafĂ© chair with a wry smile on her face. Anyone observing her would wonder at the calmness she exuded given the melee surrounding her. Then again, they might comment on her luxurious silky mass of curls nestling around her shoulders and framing her perfectly shaped heart face. They might even exclaim how her eyes were like gazing into a pool of melted chocolate, and her mouth was a perfect pink pout. But then, no one really ever observed her, if they did, then they would fail to remember her presence, or be unable to describe her, which considering her stunning looks was puzzling to say the least; though it never surprised her, they became too focussed on the chaos and mayhem that always seemed to surround her. 

This had been intended as a quiet interlude on her lengthy journey, a short break for a coffee and cake in the peaceful Spanish resort. A chance to stretch the stiff, aching muscles, let her skin breathe and cool in the gentle sea breeze; give the beloved Harley time to recover from the first section of the journey. It had not been intended as an opportunity for her to engage in her passion, her ‘raison d’etre’, but she had been unable to resist the urge to cause a rumpus. She needed the adrenaline rush as much as humans need air to breathe. 

It had been so easy too, it always was – but still, it satisfied that inherent desire within, that feeling of control and power she thrived on. All she had needed to do was spray her evocative “perfume” (a special blend named ‘Pandemonium’ specially for her) in the direction of the two young couples and sit back for a couple of moments to wait for chaos to ensue. It started simply with raised voices from the men and nervous giggling from their young ladies, then the accusations led to punches being thrown, and chairs knocked over. They, who had been best of friends only five minutes previously, were now sworn enemies and intent on destruction. The young women, whilst trying to stop the fighting initially, soon succumbed to the ‘perfume’ too, and began clawing, biting and pulling out clumps of hair. Within five more minutes, more of the customers would throw themselves into the fight, and a stupendous affray would alter the peaceful resort forever. 

She uncrossed her long slim legs clad in ripped jeans, pulled on her biker boots which she had removed to give her toes a chance to relax properly, and picked up her helmet. With one last look of sheer pleasure at the scene unfolding in front of her, she strode across to her only prized possession, laughing deeply and throatily. 

“Come on old friend” she said, caressing the leather seat before she climbed astride, “Time to leave before anyone realises what actually started the fight! Shame, as it was just starting to get really interesting!” As the engine roared to life, she thought about the journey ahead of her War, (for that is her name), had several hundred miles still to go in the heat and dust, to get to her destination and contracted job- creating havoc in that small Eastern European country no-one had ever heard of, until, that is, she arrives to alter everything forever!

Once that contract was fulfilled, she would be riding onwards to the next destination, though this time she would be meeting up with her brothers, Famine, Pestilence and De’Ath. It would be great to meet up with them again, it had been a few years, and they always had such a party! 

“Right my trusty steed, let us go, conflicts to start; Armageddon awaits!” 

Published in Issue #10

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