Better Than Me? by Sheena Billett

“You think you’re better than me, don’t you?”

Can you believe she said that? My own sister?

I just want to make her see that she can have a better life, you know? If only she would get her act together and get a job, she would feel so much better, I just know it. And, yes, I know it’s not that simple for her, but… for goodness sake! Would she rather I left her to rot away in that flat? Someone at the door… probably another charity collection.

Okay, just some woman who says her car is broken down and she forgot her phone, and could she use mine. Does she think I was born yesterday?

Where was I? Oh yes, the “Katie Problem.”

Doorbell again. If it’s that woman…

What a night. I really need this coffee! It was the same woman again, and this time she was in a right state. Turns out her child had an accident at the park and they were trying to get her to A&E. Well, once I realised they were for real, of course I sprang into action and drove them there myself.

Would you believe it? Katie was there…not as a patient this time, but with her neighbour – the old lady. Anyway, she’d had a fall. And, somehow, here was Katie the nurse, efficient…in control. Do you know, I’d forgotten all about the old Katie.

Anyway, we spent the night at A&E – on equal terms – monitoring our respective charges. I wanted to make sure the little girl would be okay.

We had a real conversation where I listened and didn’t give one single piece of advice. I’m learning… I really need to keep Little Miss Judgemental on a tight leash.

Selected - Weekly Write - Week 9

Published in Issue #27

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