Big Bella's Piano Lessons by Graham Crisp

Jim tapped his watch, “Oi, lover boy, ‘bout time too. I was just about to clear off without you. The digger is being delivered this morning, and the hire company won’t hang around. Get a flippin’ move on.” 

Aaron jumped into the cab and straightened his hi-vis jacket, “Sorry Boss, me alarm never went off. Me Mam just called me in time.” 

Jim glanced across at his companion and smiled, “So, young stud, what were you doing this weekend?” He gave Aaron a sly wink. “You were spotted coming out of Big Bella’s house, Sunday morning, clutching an overnight case.” 

Aaron scratched his head. “Oh yeah, go on then, who saw me?” 

Jim, was now grinning broadly, “My missus, she was coming home from her night shift. She was on the number 12.” 

"She saw you leave." 

Aaron rubbed his hands together. “It’s not what you think, Jim.” He hesitated. “Oh, I might as well tell you, but promise me you won’t tell the other lads, OK?” Jim nodded, “Aaron boy your sordid secrets are safe with me, so go on then, spill.” 

“She’s teaching me to play the piano. OK, have a good laugh, the bag is what I keep my music in.” 

Jim’s shoulders shook. “The ‘kin piano! Hark at Elton here, you’ll be wearing sequin suits next.” 


Aaron tapped lightly on the front door. It immediately opened. A soft voice invited him in. Aaron stood firm and whispered, “I can’t, we’ve been rumbled, I’m having it ripped out of me all day. I’ve got to stop.” 

The voice replied, “Don’t be such a wimp, and get yourself in here.” The voice lowered, “I’ve run us a nice hot bath …… and I’ve bought that outfit you like!” 

Aaron glanced furtively over his shoulder and slid in.

Published in Issue #15

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