Caught in the Act by Hilary Taylor

“I know this is yours.” she said, staring at him with that glacial look he knew so well. “I think its about time you told me the truth- you at least owe me that!” 

He glanced around, searching for an escape route, or at least some inspiration. If he told her the truth, the police would instantly be called, she would have no compunction of having him thrown into jail – he knew that. His heart was hammering away inside his chest, the sweat coating his brow, the fear was palpable. 

She could read him so well, she could see how uncomfortable he was feeling, that he knew he had been well and truly caught this time and was worried about what actions she would take. It wasn’t the first time, but she had never had the physical evidence previously. This time would 

have to be the last, she was not going to allow him to continue along this destructive path. Agitated, and rocking from one foot to the other, he felt the emotion building. Determined not to cry, he bit down on his lip and stared at the floor, saying nothing. This just enraged her even more. 

“OK then. No more chances!” With that she darted forward and grabbed him by his collar. “You’re coming with me to explain to Farmer Johnson how and why you’ve been stealing these apples from him!” Grabbing the heavy backpack filled with the ripe juicy spoils he had gathered that morning and hidden in the coal shed to share with his mates later on, she manhandled him to the door. “I am not having you end up like your Da, thieving for a living and ending up spending most of your time In Jail, this stops now!” 

Published in Issue #9 

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