Destiny's Child by Steve Goodlad

“How did the date go?”

She took a sip of vodka, playing for time, pausing for reflection, delaying the inevitable criticism.

“Well; he was nice looking, a kind smile, but he didn’t say a lot.” “Did you let him?”

“Look, I played it cool, I didn’t want him to get any wrong ideas.”

“So, you battered the poor man into submission. I know you too well.” “It wasn’t like that.”

“So, when do you see him again?” “He said he would call me.”

“Oh Erica. What did you say?” Word for word?”

“Do we need another drink first?”

“It won’t take that long. When I arrived, he was sitting at the bar. We chatted and then I asked him what he was doing a week on Friday.”

“This man that you’d only just met?”

“I took a chance. I had a good feeling about the date. I’m not getting any younger. So, I said; here’s the thing. My parents are having a housewarming party at their new house on September 14th and if you and I hit it off tonight and end up getting serious, that party would be the perfect opportunity for you to meet them, so I’d like to squeeze in about six dates beforehand, because if we don’t my parents might be sceptical of our relationship, which after you pop the question would make everyone a bit uncomfortable during the ceremony and that might carry on over into the honeymoon in the Maldives and most important more than anything, take its toll on little Josie-May.”

Her friend laughed, “And what part, if any, of that did he object to?”

“Just the name; Josie-May. He offered; Bramley, Peach, Jordan or Jasmine.” “I said I couldn’t do that to any child.”


“And then he stomped off.”

Published in Issue #25

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