Exuding Chirpiness by Jonathan Hunter

Life felt hopeless to say the least. After months of lockdown I felt no drive whatsoever to do anything. I was lucky to have a job, but it was dull and had little direction to it. Home life was a tedious routine with no purpose. By the time life returned to normal if it ever did I would be well old. 

Sitting on a park bench I stared into space as time passed by eating my baguette. Feeling a prod on my back I glanced over hoping it was not someone asking for money. To my astonishment it was a robin! It perched on the bench right behind me. I thought that was brave coming so close to a moody guy like me. 

“Here, drink this” I muttered as I offered what was left of my water. Chirping with more cheerfulness than I had in all of the last ten years, the robin cheekily eyed my baguette instead. Throwing some crumbs to the ground the robin took them back to its nest full of vigour. After only a few mouthfuls of my baguette the robin was back, chirping for more. Feeling appreciated I threw some crumbs on the bench right by me, daring the robin. It didn’t hesitate. Chuckling to myself the robin was back a third time and even took bread from my hand. 

Sitting there and smiling I took in the wonderful awe of the moment. Striding back from lunch I was more cheerful than in months. I thought how lucky I was to have a job, a house and to be healthy. Feeling inspired I volunteered to do befriending calls for what was left of lockdown. Despite the struggles all around the world I felt honoured that I could still make a difference.

Published in Issue #7

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