Flirting with Benefits by Hilary Taylor

The ageing bikers were gathered around the old moss-covered wooden table in the Beer Garden of ‘The Joiners’. Pints in hand, sun on backs, adored bikes safe in the car park – life felt good! 

They met up most weekends in the Summer for a run along the country lanes, enjoying the throb of the engine, the roar of the exhaust, the camaraderie and the adrenaline rush of the body moving as one with the machine. Of course, it always finishes with a well-deserved pint, possibly pie and chips and a hearty chinwag before returning to their respective abodes and humdrum lives. 

The talk was always of bikes; current ones, past ones so missed, and, of course, the ones they desired the most. They spoke passionately and knowledgeably, as if these mechanical beauties were their latest lover. 

The woman watched from the other side of the garden. Slowly and deliberately, she stretched out her long shapely legs, ruffled her long wavy locks, and licked her rosebud lips. This scenario was right up her street, and she felt like having a little excitement! “She winked at me!” whispered Marvin. 

“Don’t be daft man, she winked at me” replied Olly. 

“Nah! It’s me she fancies!” rumbled Brian. 

“Come off it! Who’d look twice at you, let alone wink! The wink was at me, I’m going over!” declared Denis 

“No…. I am!” 

“No, me!” 

As the volume increased, and fists started clenching, faces reddened and testosterone soared, the woman rose, smiled wryly to herself and strode quickly to her own trusty Harley Davidson. Securing her precious bottle of “Pandemonium” safely in the saddlebag and fastening her helmet- War sighed with satisfaction- she absolutely loved her job. 

Published in Issue #11

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