Intruder by Felicity Edwards

Sitting in their new armchairs, they felt a sense of achievement. It had taken so much effort to manoeuvre the chairs and coffee table into the room. Dhinna’s head looked towards the door. Puzzled, he said, “I thought we shut the door.” 

His wife nodded and said, “We did. Why? What’s the matter?” 

He looked long and hard at her and said, “Can’t you smell it?” 

She sniffed. “Well, yes, there is an odd smell, but I assumed it’s from the new chairs.” They both got up and sniffed the chairs. Nothing. 

He went into the hallway. White-faced, he dashed back into the lounge. “Quick, grab a weapon. A stick or a burning torch!” 

Wide-eyed, she ran into the kitchen to grab the broomstick and the poker from beside the fire. Once its tip was a dull red, Dhinna said, “Right, let's face the enemy.” 

They peeped out the lounge door. The front door framed a furry feline head. “Oh, no.” Squealed Zelda as she fainted. 

He looked down at his wife. He couldn’t leave her there. He ran and put the poker back into the fire before bending and dragging his wife to safety. He stood a moment, heaved a great sigh, and returned to face the enemy. 

Yellow almond-shaped eyes watched his every move. 

Dhinna felt anything but brave. His eyes dilated, his heart racing and hands shaking, he ran forward, brandishing the poker with its dull red glow. He yelled. “Take that. You yellow-eyed feline monster.” 

The cat hissed as it withdrew its head. The man slammed the door shut again and piled furniture against it to prevent further incursions. 

He said to his wife as she came round. “That’s the last time we take furniture from the doll’s house. Even though the landlord said we could.” 

Published in Issue #21

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