Jed's Place by Felicity Edwards

The old farmhouse had stood empty since old Ben died, a good ten years ago. The land around quietly slipping back into an untamed jungle. The auctioneer took one look and wondered how it would sell. That was the solicitor’s problem. They wanted to be rid of it. It sold. Unsurprisingly for a few hundred pounds. 

Jed was thrilled. He owned a farm and a house! 

Every weekend he was out there busy bringing it back to life. He thought it best to start with the land and then attack the house. The tractor was the first thing to be coaxed into life. The skeleton was there, but some essential parts had rusted. Fortunately, they were not too expensive to replace. Soon it was chugging away, a bit rusty looking but capable of working. The fields and paddocks slowly came back to life. He ploughed beds and planted an array of vegetables. There was no doubt this was organic. He couldn’t afford any fancy additives. Before he started work, he invited his brother to share the project’s labour and rewards but heard nothing from him. They were both men of few words, and they hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years, not since their mother had died. 

Late one evening, a rackety old truck bumped into the yard. A tall skinny man wearing tatty jeans emerged from the cab. He looked around and yelled, “You here, Jed?” Jed strode over from the workshop. “Well it’s about time!” 

Jethro smiled. “You expect me to run when you call? What you got here?” “A farm and a house both for a couple of hundred quid. You want a share?” His twin grinned. “You bet I do. What do we do now?”

Published in Issue #13

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