Love and Sparkles by Hilary Taylor

Once again, she gazed in the mirror. The colours were amazing, glimmering and glittering around her long, elegant throat, highlighting the peachy skin tone and the fragile bone structure. She could hardly believe he had given her such a precious gift, diamonds and amethysts on a platinum choker, she was sure his wife had never received such a loving present. Stroking the gems, she thought about their relationship, six months it had taken. Six long months of smiling, laughing, hiding the revulsion she felt as he stroked her skin and whispered his devotion to her. Six months of the most arduous acting she had ever done. It was so tiring to pretend you were besotted when all you wanted to do was run a hundred miles in the other direction. So far, the gifts had been paltry, chocolates, bouquets and champagne. This was the big one. She had given enough hints about a girl needing some bling for company, particularly when she was having to be discreet and was often left alone yet expected to be available as soon as he rang. Now, he had proven his worth, and she was shaking with excitement, this would make it all worthwhile. Perhaps she could even feel some real excitement as she thanked him in the way he expected. 

He looked at her face reflected in the mirror as he placed the choker around her neck. It was a good weight, and the warmth of colour only accentuated her beauty, only a shame that warmth did not spread to her eyes. He could see the greed and disdain there, he smiled gently, and laid a hand on her bare shoulder, 

“I know how you love sparkly things Darling. This reflects our relationship”, he leaned in close and whispered, “It’s not real.”

Published in Issue #8

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