Mixed Signals Or Moonbeams by Steve Lodge

Me, Silas and Jimmy Legs met up again that night at the Luxembourg Soft Cheese And Jazz Festival. We talked about getting the band back together. It had been over 10 years since we’d played as a band – at the Ork & Ostrich Festival in Mindless, Northern Belzonia. Our performance was marred by a fight, which Jimmy Legs started, or it may have been me. Or Silas. We oozed excitability. It was our only ability, some people said, hurtfully. 

I took breakfast in the hotel where we were staying in Luxembourg, enjoying my passion for ketchup on cereal. Silas popped into the restaurant and said he was heading for the beach. I explained Luxembourg had no beach as he stood there in his shorts, his veiny legs like pillars of Danish Blue. 

Instead, we remembered old times. We’d even had some chart success back in the day with “Mixed Signals Or Moonbeams.” A haunting melody and always popular live. I had written the song at a particularly low point in my career, aching with insecurity after my wife, Shirin, had left me. 

We both thought a reunion might work since, in our 50’s now, it’d be less likely for the three of us to fight over the slightest thing anymore. 

I asked Silas where Jimmy Legs was this fine morning in Luxembourg, and was told that when he’d arrived the previous night, Jimmy was with some woman and probably “taking breakfast” in their room. 

Just then, Jimmy and his girlfriend entered the hotel restaurant. And it all kicked off again…. his girlfriend was only my ex-wife, Shirin. 

We were all ejected from the hotel midway through brawling. 

“Still up for a reunion?” Silas asked me. 

“No, I don’t think so.” I said through bloody lips and two wobbly teeth.

Published in Issue #7

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