Pocket Money by Felicity Edwards

His favourite model shop had a sale. He gazed at the display. Shoulders slumped and eyes downcast, he turned and made his way home, kicking a stone along as he was thinking. “Sheila, I know you save your pocket money. There’s a sale at the model shop. Could you lend me some money? They have a car there, but I think I could remake it.” 

She looked at her twin. They both had red hair and blue eyes. That’s where the twin thing ended. Sean had twinkling eyes, a ready smile, and was a spendthrift. Sheila’s eyes were penetrating. She was introverted and cautious, especially with money. 

“Sean, how much do you need.” 

“Oh, sis, I really need two pounds.” 

She raided her piggy bank. As Sean ran off, he yelled over his shoulder. “I’ll pay you back sometime.” 

Sheila snorted, her brother was full of good intentions which he rarely remembered. Years went by after university she married. Her husband died suddenly. Leaving her with two little girls. Sheila worked hard, her habit of being careful paid off. The family managed the necessities of life with few frivolities. Sean moved overseas and did well in engineering. Sadly, there was little time to keep in contact. 

When Sean came home for his Father’s funeral, it shocked him to see Sheila ground down and struggling. 

A few days later, there was a knock at her door. Sean stood smiling beside a new car holding a massive bouquet. 

He said, “Hi, Sis, these are for you.” Holding out the bouquet and the car keys. Puzzled, she said, “Why? What have I done to deserve this?” 

“You lent me money when I needed it.” 

“But that was pocket money!” 

I said, “I’ll pay you back.” 

Published in Issue #9

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