Reality, what a Concept by Bud Scott

The new gaming gear had set Leonard back a bundle, but it was top of the line for the most realistic game play. It included VR goggles and a full body suit outfitted with haptic feedback sensors throughout. The only thing missing was taste and smell. 

Leonard suited up and loaded the game. It was a multiplayer battle royale game. To win you needed to be the last man standing. Leonard had played and won many of this type of game. He had been reading about this release for months and he’d been chosen to be a beta tester. 

He’d been chosen for a couple of reasons; his gaming history on Twitch, and this state of the art gaming system. 

He pulled down the VR goggles and began to armor up as much as possible, he would have to gain some gold before he could get any advanced armor and weapons. As it stood he had a leather vest over his shirt, a helmet, and a short sword. 

He began to explore. It seemed like a small village surrounded with forests. He went into the tavern to see if there might be a task to be performed to gain some gold. He went to the bar to speak with the innkeeper when a burly well armored player with a long sword challenged him. Leonard accepted. The battle began, Leonard was at a disadvantage, but really had nothing to lose. He was still just getting used to the suit and goggles. Every blow shook his whole frame. Leonard raised his sword to strike when his opponent pierced his vest and killed him. Leonard threw off the goggles and felt his side, there was blood oozing from a wound. Leonard just stared in disbelief and said, ”It’s not real." Then he promptly fainted.

Published in Issue #8

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