Secrets on a Public Bus by Freya Roberts

“Don’t trust anything or anyone,” the bus driver was saying vehemently. It was another one of his daily rants that I endured every afternoon on the bus ride home. I say endured, but I secretly loved them - absorbing every drop of his wise, mature - and often crude - speeches. 

If I’m honest, most of the bus was normally rapt as well. We were all regulars catching the 507 from Waterloo station to Victoria bus station via St Thomas’ Hospital, Lambeth Bridge and Horseferry Road. It was a mouthful, hence the alternative name, 507. 

However, today was different because an unknown individual had boarded the bus. A lady, with a shawl wrapped around her head and dark glasses covering her eyes. I hadn’t thought much at first until she opened her mouth to ask “Is this seat taken?”. 

Only one lady could make it sound as elegant as she did, the Duchess of Cambridge and future queen, Kate Middleton. What she was doing on a bus sitting next to regular people I had no idea, but all I knew was that this truly happened. Based on a true story. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. 

Even the bus driver went quiet, something probably as rare as royalty on public transport. I was thankful she didn’t try to strike up a conversation, because my armpits were already soaked just with the knowledge of sharing a seat with her. I should have asked for an autograph, or a selfie, or something but it was only after she embarked from the bus did I consider the fact that no one would believe me. 

And I mean who would, maybe it was a lie all along, after all, re-read that first sentence. 

Published in Issue #18

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