Suspicions by Ian Buzard

“What are you doing down here? You after a security job?” Barry swivelled in his chair to greet Charlie. 

“What? No, I’ve got a few minutes before my shift. How’s it going?” 

“Look at this from last night” Barry beckoned Charlie over to his desk. “What happened?” Charlie leaned over the screen. 

“Blink and you’ll miss it.” 

“Is that the staff entrance?” 

“Yeah, about 2am. Did you see it?” 

“See what?” 

“I didn’t see it at first either, but the system had it flashing as an alert when I got in.” Barry restarted the clip, basking in the tension and confusion. 

“There’s nothing there, I don’t get it.” Charlie had had enough. 

“Why would it kick in and record if there was nothing there? Look again, in the corner you can just see the road, the car just disappears.” Barry looped the frames showing the car appear and then vanish. 

“Oh, a fault probably, it's cutting on and off. Isn’t this system pretty useless anyway? ” 

“Nah, there’s no fault, why would it only happen that one time? No, someone’s tampered with it. It looks like someone might have unset the alarm at that time too. Big Parker’s coming in, it’s all kicking off.” 

“You think so? What do you think will happen?” 

“Someone’s screwed. I think they’re counting boxes right now in case any were stolen. Mental. Probably that psycho that was here last year, remember him?” 


“That’s him. Lunatic.” 

Charlie backed up from the desk, quiet and pale. 

“You OK, Charlie?” Barry’s heart sank as he watched his friend panic in the reflection on his monitor. On the live feed he could see Parker frantically punching in the code at the staff entrance. 

Published in Issue #16

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