The Anniversary Present by Graham Crisp

“Here you go Freddie” 

Freddie’s eyes lit up, as a glass of beer that glistened invitingly in the sunlight, lands in front of him. 

“Cheers Pete, just what I need. I suppose you’ve heard that I’ve had a run in with the missus over our anniversary.” 

Pete sat down opposite Freddie, and sipped from his glass. He nodded. “Yep, I heard from Ange this morning. Did you forget?” 

Freddie shook his head. “Nah, mate, I did it proper, you know, a card, flowers, wine and a box of them chocolates that she digs into when she’s watching soaps ‘n stuff.” 

Pete grimaced. “So, what’s her beef then?” 

Freddie swallowed half of his beer and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. Pete raised his eyebrows. “Blimey, it must be serious. Go easy, pal.” 

Freddie indicated for Pete to lean forward. “Its OK mate, I’m just a bit thirsty. Now listen to this.” 

Pete bent forward. Freddie spoke in a low whisper. “Right, Karen gets in yesterday. She says she’s been shopping, but she’s acting all mysterious like. Anyway, I leaps up, gives her a hug, and steers her in the direction of the lounge where her anniversary goodies are all laid out.” 

Pete takes another sip. “So far so good then, eh mate?” 

“Well, you’d think so. But then she turns around and rolls up her sleeve.” Pete frowned. 

“She’s only got herself a bloody tattoo. A flippin’ great purple heart, with some naked kid firing a poxy bow and arrow, and the date of our wedding written underneath this monstrosity. She says, what do I think of it? So, I say it’s ‘kin hideous. What on earth possessed you to do that?”

“And do you know what her reply was?” Pete shook his head. 

“But I did it for you!”

Published in Issue #13

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