The Apology by Graham Crisp

The credits at the end of another EastEnders episode were rolling down Mabel’s TV screen when the doorbell rang. 

“I wonder who that can be?” Thought Mabel, “I don’t get callers at this time.” She hesitated for a second, but fearing that it might be an emergency, she shuffled along the hallway, checking that the chain latch was secured, before she opened the door. 

“YOU”, Mabel exclaimed, “What do you want?” A young woman stood before her. She spoke softly. “Look Mum, I don’t want to make a fuss, I just want to say sorry to you and to Dad.” 

Mabel’s eyes narrowed, “You're too late, he died last year.” She released the chain from its base and waved the woman in. “Come on Pamela, it's cold standing here, go into the living room, you know where it is.” 

Pamela, head down, entered the house and headed for a chair in the living room. “NOT THERE, that’s your Fathers chair, sit here on the settee.” 

“How did he …….?” 

“Heart attack, it was swift” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Well after all you put us through, after you did …… what you did……. he was never the same.” 

“Ostracised at work and here only Mavis, two doors down, and Mr. Patel in the corner shop, were speaking to us, what would you expect?” 

Pamela dabbed her eyes with a greying handkerchief. “Honestly Mum, I am really sorry.” Mabel stood. “Anyway, you’re here now, I’ll put the kettle on.” 

Mabel slipped into the kitchen, she pulled two cups and saucers from the top cupboard. Her keen ears heard footsteps. She peered out of the kitchen just quickly enough to see her front door closing. 

Mabel looked sideward into the living room; she saw that her purse was missing.

Published in Issue #7

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