The Avenging Ghost by Eva Bell

Except for a few twinkling stars in the sky, the night was pitch dark. It was rumoured that on every New Moon night, the ghost of Rita Ribeiro haunted the resort where she committed suicide five years ago. Ronald Costa, who was a member of the Anti-superstition Forum, boasted that he would spend a night at the resort and dispel all rumours of a ghost. With lights turned off, Ronald settled down in a chair in that very room, relishing his whisky. He recalled the night when he had slipped arsenic into her drink because she attempted to blackmail him. Rita was a well known TV artist and he was an ambitious politician, libertine to the core. Their affair was kept under wraps and their rendezvous clandestine, as neither of them wanted to be the subject of gossip and speculation. 

Ronald was on his fourth peg and things began to look fuzzy. But he poured himself another peg and saw there was still a quarter bottle left. 

“Don’t get too comfortable” a voice whispered in his ear, as a wraith-like apparition stretched both her hands to his throat. “Ronald dear, you might have escaped the hangman’s noose, but not my revenge.” 

The next day the staff found him lifeless and slumped in his chair with the empty glass in his hand. “Must have been a massive heat attack. Poor guy!” they said. They never guessed that a criminal often visits the site of his crime, confident that he would never be caught.

Published in Issue #7

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