The Face in the Cornfield by Laura Loney

We decided to meet at midnight at the corn maze. I drove my dad’s truck and picked up Julie.

Emma said she’d find her own way. She lived in the country and considered a kilometre a driveway, not a marathon. Not me, I drove whenever possible. And if I hadn’t, my headlights may never have seen him.

Joey disappeared last year. Elmdale was a small, shit boring town. One way or another everyone knew Joey. He bagged your groceries or his mom drove your bus. The worst that ever happened before Joey was hangovers and overdue library fees. No one expected a murder.

“Did you see that?” I left my headlights on, illuminating the cornfield.

Julie struggled with her hair. “Corn? Ya I saw it.” She pulled her ponytail tight. “Let’s go.”

Panic rose in my chest as she reached for her door handle. “Wait!” I grabbed her hand, my survival instinct sharp.

“What are you doing?”

“There’s someone out there.”

“Ya, Emma. She texted me like five minutes ago. That girl walks fast. Come on.”

“It’s not her. Stay here.” I whispered, worried he might hear me. Was he close? It was only a glimpse. Was it possible? I scanned the field for Emma, but I couldn’t see her. I reversed the truck, leaving in a hurry.

“What are you doing? Emma’s waiting.”

“The best thing we can do for Emma is get the hell out of here and tell someone.” I turned my high beams on. The more light the better. “I saw Joey.” I shuddered remembering his dark cold eyes.

“Not possible.”

“I’m telling you it’s him.”

My brakes squealed as Julie screamed beside me. Emma. Joey had found her first.

Published in Issue #20

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