The Investment by Frank Staniforth

“So that’s where you’ve been hiding.”

I strolled up to Davina in the semi-darkness behind the mansion. The dance music and laughter from my engagement party inside were perfect to confound eavesdroppers, I realised. We kissed.

“I can't bear to watch anymore, Stacey,” she said, smiling wryly.

“My new fiancĂ©'s attempts at dancing are a bit embarrassing, admittedly.”

Davina gazed at me. “Thanks for the cash, sugar. I've booked my boob job and still had some left to redecorate our flat. It must be horrible for you, though.”

“Sadly, I don't know any rich lesbians but working as a stripper, I do meet loads of randy old millionaire businessmen like Brian. It's okay, love, I simply close my eyes and think of Cara


“Me, too.”

“You've shattered my illusions, darling.”

We laughed. I heard a sound behind us. I turned and saw Brian, looking curious, “Sorry, ladies, I just wondered where my fiancĂ©e had gone.”

“I popped outside to tell my friend, Davina, the good news, sweetie.”

He smiled. “You're Stacey's former flatmate. She speaks very fondly of you.”

“We had a lovely five years together after uni, Brian. I'm so glad she met you, though. Now we're all happy.”

“More than ever,” I said to her. “I'm pregnant.”

She gasped. “That's fantastic, Stacey.”

Brian coughed. “We only met three months ago, but...”

“You couldn't keep your hands off her,” Davina said. “I completely understand, sugar.”

We all laughed.

“So...” I added, in a light-bulb moment, “we'll be needing a nanny soon, Brian. Perhaps Davina could help me and she'd be nice company as well when you're away.”

“What a great idea!”

“How's that sound, love?” I asked her.

Davina grinned. “Like heaven, darling.”

Published in Issue #20

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