The Plan by Hilary Taylor

Her biggest mistake was to pretend she enjoyed camping, just so he would remain interested in her. Since then, he had insisted every spare hour be spent hiking hills, canoeing on lakes, and sleeping under canvas if the weather didn’t allow them to sleep under the stars! 

She stared at the view, tall trees, everywhere. What were they? Elms,Oaks? How the hell was she supposed to know? If she asked him, he would just sigh and call her ignorant. She had to admit that the scenery was gorgeous, all those colours reminding her of the racks of coats she longingly looked at when she last went shopping. How long ago was that? Months she 

guessed, he had made sure that she never got a chance these days, and it just wasn’t the same shopping online, she needed to feel the textures, put items together to assess the effect, and in any case, he had cancelled her credit card. 

He had looks, charm and money, but even her mother had seen through the fa├žade and told her those things, especially the money shouldn’t matter. “Of course it matters” she had retorted, and refused to speak to her mother for months. What she hadn’t realised, was that he would be so controlling, so possessive. Yes, she had loved him, but a girl needed a pair of Louboutins, a Vera Wang outfit, pampering, bling. She did NOT need to be scrabbling around in mud, cold, damp, bored… so bored!!! 

Enough was enough. Tonight would be his last. Somewhere in the middle of those trees, in the dark, some wild animal would attack, tearing at his flesh with huge yellowing fangs, killing him and dragging his body away from the camp:- or so she would tell the police tomorrow morning.

Published in Issue #7

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