The Prescription by Steve Goodlad

“Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. They can start almost invisibly or arrive with a big bang.” 

And so began our; ‘getting in touch with nature course’, the new treatment I was to trial instead of the usual increase in medication to lift me out of clinical depression, prescribed by my GP. 

A group of us sat in a circle beneath the spread branches of an old oak tree. Sunlight made stroboscopic patterns with the leaf shadows on our faces. “Where we are seated is revered as a sacred place, where numerous ribbons, crystals, photographs, inscriptions, prayers and other devotions now adorn the foliage and rock walls near the waterfall. You will even find a number of small stacks of flat stones, known as Faerie Stacks, constructed from stones collected from the waters by previous students, marking a special thought or moment in time during their visit, or to commemorate memories and loved ones.” 

I opened my eyes to slits to see what everyone else was making of this. The girl next to me winked with a ghost of a smile that I interpreted as “I’m not fully engaged with this either.” 

Our guide continued; “by absorbing the positive energy generated by nature, like this tree, we can unify ourselves and unify others. The goal of transmissions is to plant the seeds of manna like the acorns that fall from this tree. Where there is selfishness, health cannot survive. You have nothing to lose.” 

I couldn’t help tutting. 

Just then a stick bounced off my head. 

“What the hell is that?” 

“You have used your quota of cynical gestures” 

“So, you threw a stick at me?” 

“To remind you to keep an open mind” 

I think the therapy is working. On the way home I was laughing like a drain.

Published in Issue #20

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