The Rescue by Hilary Taylor

“It's full.” he said,” It’s the time of year when those little gorgeous bundles of longed for Christmas presents become a hindrance, the hard work and expense becomes a reality. Every year the message goes out ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’, but do people listen? Sometimes it makes my blood boil, seeing how they’ve just been kicked out in the bad weather, goodness knows why so many of them still trust us humans!!” 

“So, do I just walk round, and if I see one that takes my eye let you know?” “Aye, there are names on the doors, so once you’ve seen one, come back and I’ll let you meet up properly and you can see if you get on”. 

She took a deep breath and walked out into the kennels area. She felt sick, but excited at the same time! This wasn’t really being disrespectful to Nelson’s memory, in fact, it was acknowledging that love has to find an outlet, her love for the old collie was still there, but since he had died six months ago, she had so missed the companionship, the routine, the being responsible for another being, the unconditional friendship, even being part of the dog walking community. 

It was so much harder than she thought it would be. Dogs of all sizes, colours and breeds, some loud and looking for attention, others timid and not responding. The tears wouldn’t stop, how could she choose only one? How was this right? How dare people treat these wonderful creatures with such disdain? 

She walked back to the reception, deep in thought. 

“That was quick!” He said, “Got one in mind?” 

“No, I’ve decided I can’t help just one of them, I need to do more. How do I become an RSPCA officer?”

Published in Issue #8

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