The Typing Pool by Vivienne Moles

‘All they can do is talk about their boyfriends, isn’t it? Don’t do a jot of work.’

‘That tan’s fake, you know.’

‘Yeah. She said she’d been to the Caribbean but she went to Bognor, you mark my words. Out of a bottle when she got back, I reckon.’

‘And they say she left her kids at home. That’s outrageous! The eldest is twelve and I know there’s a baby. Can’t be more than a year, I reckon.’

‘Well, yeah, and they say it’s not his.’

‘Oooh, I didn’t know that.’

‘That new girl — seems a bit, you know…,.’

‘Snobbish, I think.’

‘Oh, glad you feel the same. Thought it was just me. I offered her a tea the other day, you know, when I get up and make one for ‘im in there. She said she’d rather have green tea.’

‘Green? Whatever’s that when it’s at home?’

‘Reckon it’s like that stuff you get when you boil cabbage.’

‘Yuk! Would not fancy that!’

‘Me neither!’

‘He’s a bit tasty, isn’t he?

‘Oi! I thought you were getting engaged!’

‘Doesn’t mean I can’t window shop!’

‘They say he’s done time.’

‘He can do time with me alright!’

‘No, seriously. He was had-up for something a few years back. Well, that’s what I heard anyway.’

‘You shouldn’t listen to gossip. No good ever comes of it.’

‘No, that’s the trouble with half this lot here. They can’t keep their opinions to themselves.’

‘I think you should judge someone on their own merit.’

‘I agree. That’s just what Marilyn and I were talking about yesterday.’

‘She’s up for promotion, I think.’

‘I hope she doesn’t get it. She’s a stroppy madam when she gets going.’

‘Best get our heads down. ‘Im in there’s on the prowl again.’

Published in Issue #26

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