The Wedding Dress by Elizabeth O’Shea

“No, I don’t think so” I shook my head, it was far too expensive and my common sense told me to walk away. I had first seen the wedding dress a few days ago and kept coming back to look at it and then to try it on. It was beautiful, made of a rich heavy silk that would cling to my figure , embellished with a design of seed pearls and fastened down the front and up the sleeves to the elbows in tiny silk covered buttons. 

The assistant had said “But Madam I’ve never seen this dress look so beautiful, it seems made for you, you’ll make a lovely bride’. 

It was true, as I looked in the mirror I saw a beautiful version of myself. How much is it’? I had asked in a whisper. 

‘It’s three thousands pounds Madam but your fiancé will be so proud ‘. 

I shook my head regretfully and turned my back for the assistant to unhook me , ‘No I can’t afford it’. I thought of my meagre savings and all my expenses and then the new credit card I had not yet used but as I felt the rich material beneath my fingers, my heart sang. 

‘Yes I will take it, you’re right it was made for me’. I did not let myself doubt as I waited for the assistant to box the dress, I thought only of how confident and desirable I felt in it. 

It wasn’t until I had paid for it and walked to my car and was placing it on the back seat that I remembered that I was middle aged, tied to elderly parents, had never had a boyfriend and never would now. 

‘Oh well at least I have a beautiful wedding dress’ , I sighed.

Published in Issue #7

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