‘Tis Goodbye by Hilary Taylor

The woman was crying hard now – proper, full-on “ugly crying”. What had started as a gentle sniffle and a slight dampness at the corner of the eye, had developed into great heart-wrenching sobs; red, swollen eyes, and huge salty tears mixing with snot. The tissue box was empty, the waste bin full. 

Theirs had been a relationship lasting ten years, though she had been aware of him for some time before. He had been the man of her dreams; he was exactly what had been needed at the time. Everyone told her what a brilliant mind he had, how kind, how thoughtful, how handsome. Over the years he had matured and was now a true leader- a Detective Superintendent; empathetic but strong, forceful but respected; passionate but fun loving, and very much a handsome “silver fox”. 

How she had adored him, had loved basking in the adulation that came with being associated with him. She had been the one to guide him through his career, had protected him from the baser elements of the world he was a part of, had masterminded his success. Yet now, here they were, the end of the relationship. It had to be, she needed to move on, there was so much more to do, to explore, and she was being stifled by him. 

“I hoped you would die this way” she whispered. “I’m so sorry to do this to you, but at least it’s a hero’s death and it’s really the only way for me to break away from you fully”. With one last wipe of the eyes, she put her glasses on and bent forward over the laptop, Detective Superintendent Roberts was dead and her long-standing book series finished. Two more words and then off to the Editor….. “The End” she typed. 

Published in Issue #10

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