Tough Cookie by Liz Breen

If the recipe required more eggs than she had, then Chrissy would walk to the shop and get another half dozen. It would be worth it to bake these delicious biscuits. They had always been Doug’s favourite. Those biscuits go so well with a rich Columbian coffee. Be a love and brew a pot. 

Chrissy always baked with love, the feelings of bringing a smile to someone’s face when they tasted the sweetness was enough reason to don her apron. 

This batch was different, though. They had to be perfect for the picnic with Doug. He’d be tired after a long day at the veterinary surgery, helping all the animals and keeping their owners happy. 

The park was pretty full, but then it was a July evening. Chrissy laid out a rug and placed the picnic hamper on it. As she took out the chilled Prosecco and nibbles, Doug spied the biscuits. “Not yet, Douglas Cheatham” 

“Chrissy, you’re a tease” Doug replied 

Chrissy and Doug sat and watched the sunset as they enjoyed a drink and grazed on the snacks Chrissy had brought. 

“You may have a biscuit now, Doug” 

“You’re a tough cookie” Doug laughed as he bit into a biscuit. 

“How’s Brenda?”asked Chrissy 

Brenda was the horsey-looking veterinary nurse with the large bosom, who assisted Doug in his practice. Chrissy always suspected but now she knew. Chrissy offered Doug another biscuit. “There’s plenty left” 

It wasn’t difficult sourcing the horse laxatives. Chrissy pocketed them as she dropped by to see Doug at work. Brenda had been so helpful and gone to fetch him, so she was able to peruse the drugs and medicines on the shelf. Doug had been able to tell her the name of what she needed when she enquired casually the previous week.

Published in Issue #8

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