Traitor's Gate by Jill Waters

Sylvia stood, her hand trembling on the gate. ‘I feel like I’m being watched.’

‘Oh don’t be so ridiculous Sylv, who the hell would be watching you…us?’

‘I just feel so guilty, Carol, It’s not right, parking here. Come on, let’s go back.’

‘Look, if it makes you feel better, I’ll go in here, while you go in there. At least you won’t have to worry about the parking thing then. Go on, the gin is supposed to be really good.’

‘I’m not sure if I can - it feels, well, disloyal.’

‘That’s why we call it Traitor’s Gate! But it’s no skin off Waitrose’s nose if we park here and shop there.’

‘Yes, but Aldi, Carol. Aldi. It’s just so, so… well, common.’

‘Sylvia Hanson you are an out and out snob. Fine, you go and buy Waitrose gin. I’ll explore the joys of Aldi and see you back at the car.’

‘No, no it’s fine. You go and get your bits, I’ll be brave.’

Carol watched as her friend pushed open the gate, setting gingerly forth as if she was crossing the Rubicon. Ever since it had appeared, in the fence separating the car parks of the two supermarkets, they’d been daring themselves to go though it to the mysterious Narnia that was Aldi. It was only when someone at their reading group had told them about the award winning gin that they had become seriously tempted.

Half an hour later, Carol was back at the car, waiting for her friend. When she spotted her, she was accompanied by a young man in an Aldi uniform, carrying an enormous box. Sylvia was almost skipping in her excitement. It wasn’t until they got closer that Carol managed to read the label…’Inflatable Hot Tub.’

‘Oh, Sylvia,’ she sighed.

Published in Issue #26

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