Trouble at the Double by David Silver

“Are you sure we haven’t met before?” 

"Positive," I replied. "I know a stranger when I see one." 

"It's just that you looked familiar when you entered the room," said the psychiatrist. "You don't happen to have a twin brother?" 

"Actually, I do. He used to be a patient of yours. Now it's my turn. You fixed him so well that he's using his new-found confidence to make my life a misery." 

The therapist sighed. "This is a most unusual situation. I'm not convinced that you shouldn't be seeing a different psychiatrist." 

"But I did see a different bloke," I said. "He told me I was suffering low self-esteem because of what YOU had told my twin brother. So here I am and I want you to teach me the same stuff you told our kid." 

"That is most unethical. Tell me the name of that other doctor. He should be struck off for casting aspersions on a colleague." 

"Please don't, doctor. I didn't intend to cause trouble. See how meek and mild I am." "I'm sorry but I still cannot take you on as a patient." 

"Okay, okay, I made it up. I don't have a twin brother. It WAS me you saw originally. I've forgotten everything you told me and I would like a refresher course of treatment." 

The first thing I did when I got home was to confront my twin brother. "Now you're for it, ya big bully." 

Published in Issue #16

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