What Jason Didn't Expect by Rachel Smith

Jason stepped up to his mother’s front door, and hesitated, “This isn’t going to end well.” His partner, Jeremy, cocked his head to one side. “Why not?” 

“That’s my grandparent’s car.” 

“So? I thought you liked them.” 

Oh sure, but coming out to his mother would be bad enough without adding them. “They’re my grandparents. They’re old. Stuck in their ways.” 

He ran trembling fingers through his shoulder-length brown hair. Was it too late to turn back? 

Jeremy rested a hand on his shoulder. “If you’re not ready, just say the word. We don’t have to do this now. I can wait.” 

“No.” Jason straightened his back and rapped his knuckles on the door. “It’s time.” 

Within seconds, Jason’s mother opened the door. Beaming, she ushered them both in, hugging Jason and giving Jeremy an inquisitive glance. 

“Head through to the lounge; I’ll be right in with tea and biscuits.” She turned to Jeremy. “Milk? Sugar?” 

“Dash of milk, one sugar, please.” 

She grinned, “Well, that’s easy to remember. Just the way I like mine.” 

In the lounge, Jason’s grandparents, Betty and Albert, sat side by side on one of the sofas, looking up expectantly as they entered. A shadow of something passed over their expressions and Jason’s stomach turned to ice. Albert suddenly looked crestfallen and Betty… smug? 

“Uh, everything alright?” Jason asked. Stupid question. 

Betty patted her husband’s knee and smiled, “We’re just fine, my dear. Your grandfather just lost a long-standing bet. That’s all.” 

The words took a moment to sink it as a flutter of knowing looks was exchanged. “You bet that I was gay?!” 

“Of course not,” she said, rolling her eyes, “We’ve known that for years! No, no. I bet that you’d prefer blondes.” 

Published in Issue #23

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