Eyes by Felicity Edwards

 “I want all the girls over 12 in the yard.”

Camp guards rounded up the few girls still alive. Gaunt-faced, their stick-thin legs hardly able to support them, they waited blue with cold as the commandant marched up and down.

One pale-faced girl stood gazing straight at this woman in charge of them. She had not spoken since seeing her mother and sisters led into the gas chambers. She muttered, “Bitch.”

The commandant swung around, her lips curled in a sneer as she demanded, “Who said that?”

The girl was silent even as the fist connected with her face. She knew she would be dead soon. For now, she wanted to show her hatred.

“Bring her to the clinic.”

The burly guards dragged the girl through the doors into the treatment room. She knew there was no point in trying to resist physically but she could return her hatred with her gaze. Her watery pale grey-green eyes, continued to glare at her attacker. She was just a helpless girl.

The commandant said, “Strap her onto the bed.”

The guards hastily grabbed the blue and white striped top, yanking it off to reveal the emaciated body and incipient breasts. In moments, thick leather straps held her arms and legs to the bed. The venom in her eyes, her only retaliation.

The commandant busily filled a syringe.

Holding it aloft she said, “Let’s see how this suits you.”

She plunged the needle into the girl’s heart, injecting phenol.

As she died the girl's unblinking eyes bored into her killer.

The commandant could not escape those pale grey-green eyes. Everywhere she went, everything she did, she saw those eyes fixed on her.

Sent mad, months later, as she slit her wrists, those eyes still watched.

Selected: Weekly Write #15

Published in Issue #29

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