I Sent A Letter To My Love by Vivienne Moles

Mark and Rob lurked outside the school gates. They should have been inside waiting for the morning bell but that wasn’t cool. They were all about cool.

‘You shouldn’t have done that,’ laughed Rob.

‘Well, it was so… so…,’ said Mark.

‘...weird?’ offered Rob.

‘And that,’ said Mark. ‘It wasn’t like I asked her to.’

‘That’s girls though, isn’t it?’ said Rob, ‘clingy… too clingy.’

The bell went. They didn’t move. A tear-stained pretty blonde walked down the road, school bag over her slumped shoulders.

‘Look out, here she comes.’ Rob poked his friend in the ribs. Both of them smirked as the girl tried to navigate a route through the gates without making eye contact with either of the boys.

At that moment, a feisty brunette, all attitude, met the other girl. Putting her arm around the other girl’s shoulder, she said, ‘Ignore them, Jade, they’re not worth it.’ Jade shrugged her friend off, partly irritated and partly embarrassed.

‘Hey, Suzie, don’t make it worse. I can fight my own battles.’ Both girls looked daggers at Mark and Rob. Rob put both hands up but any sort of apology was missing.

‘You do realise everyone’s laughing at me, don’t you?’ said Jade directly to Mark.

‘I thought you were helping me with my English homework,’ he said, feigning innocence. ‘It wasn’t my fault I misunderstood and read it out.’

‘It was a private letter. To you. You know that,’ said Jade.

‘Aw, come on, it was only a bit of fun,’ said Mark.

‘She’s not laughing,’ said Suzie defensively. Both girls stormed off. Mark shrugged.

‘It was great it fit the homework assignment.’

‘You don’t think you’ll get into trouble for copying?’ said Rob.

‘I’m more worried her brother’s a boxer,’ said Mark.

‘Did not know that,’ said Rob.

Winner: Weekly Write #14
Published in Issue #29

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