For Land and Liberty by Cindy Pereira

The two men lay under the ice-cap. They were well concealed, but couldn't remain so for long. They needed to move; exposure to the hostile elements would only result in death. But more than that, they were on a mission, and remaining put under that secure overhang wasn’t going to help their cause.

Above, about a hundred metres up where a blast of howling winds swirled, a fluttering flag and a solid basecamp indicated the end of their mission.

Mark turned to Caleb, his goggles poised on his forehead over a folded balaclava.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It's a hard run up.”


Mark peeped upward and squinted under the white glare of the mountain side. One step in this unforgiving terrain was like running a hundred metres at full blast, and they had the same distance to cover in knee length snow!

“Think we can?” came his next question.

“We don't have a choice,” Caleb said. “This is what we set out to do. We've disobeyed direct orders to get here.”

Mark pulled his balaclava down to cover his face and poised the goggles over his eyes. He glanced upward again.

Up there in the basecamp, a few men scurried about, layering sand bags on top of each other, creating some sort of a barricade.

“Are you ready?” Caleb asked.

“As ever.”

“There's no walking away from this.”

“We knew that when we started out,” Mark grimly replied.

With set jaws, the two friends embraced.

“For Land and Liberty,” they snarled in unison.

Covered by his friend, and with his assault rifle swinging upward, Mark blazed out from under the overhang.

Then his rifle was belching fire, tearing the flag down and dropping at least five men before the enemy in the base camp erupted into action.

Selected: Weekly Write #16

Published in Issue #30

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