Walk On By by Dorothy Snelson

‘There’s no walking away from this,' she said, 'You got us into this mess. Sort it’ and with that she went.

I could see her point. I’d done something stupid, but with the best of intentions, as I’d tried to explain. She was having none of it though.

‘What on earth made you think I’d spend a week in a villa in Spain with those two numpties’ she shouted? ‘You know I can’t abide that dizzy Debra and your pal Mike.’

She’d been giving none too subtle hints about holidays for a while, so when Mike suggested, during our lad’s night out, that we holidayed as a foursome, I readily agreed. Later, when no longer in my cups, I did feel a frisson of anxiety about breaking it to Laura, but hoped I could sell it to her as a great idea. Obviously not.

Even the promise of a luxury villa, couldn’t sway her. Now I needed a good excuse to satisfy Mike.

Did I, like Baldrick, ‘have a cunning plan?’ I was frantically trying to formulate one as I entered the pub. My heart sank as I sat down. Several brochures were spread on the table. How could I tell him, without offending him?

‘I see you’ve been making plans’ I said brightly, nodding at the brochures.

‘Aye, mate’ he said ‘but best laid plans’ and he grimaced.

‘How’s that?’

‘Debra’ he said. ‘She’s only gone and booked a trip to Barcelona with her mother.’

‘Why, that’s great man. You included?’

He nodded woefully.

‘Sorry to let you down and Debra’s mother, well, she’s a right numpty.’

That makes three of you, according to Laura. I thought.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said with relief, ‘We’ve that pub crawl in Skeggy to look forward to.’

Selected: Weekly Write #16
Published in Issue #30

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